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From one to tens of thousands of locations, Radix IoT provides the platform to remotely manage and monitor any portfolio of buildings or infrastructure regardless of the technology already in place.
The Radix IoT Platform
Radix IoT is a commercial IoT platform that allows critical infrastructure to run even when people can't be on location. From remote or hard-to-reach locations to massive amounts of locations across the world that cannot tolerate downtime, Radix IoT offers a comprehensive software-based solution to bring harmony to the complex world of remote monitoring and management of facilities of all types. Radix IoT provides a three-ingredient recipe for success:
Mango OS
The flexible IoT core
Mango OS is a flexible, web-paged, simple to use, and highly scalable software that installs on most hardware or runs in the cloud allowing for communicating and harvesting of data from nearly all building or IoT technologies.
Radix IoT Cloud
Cloud native
With Mango OS installed at locations, the Radix IoT Cloud allows for secure central management, configuration, visualization, and analytics of tens of thousands of locations globally. All accessible from anywhere.
Service at Scale
Reliability at scale
Radix IoT includes everything to be self-service, even a free version to learn on. If you want help or have grand plans, Radix IoT offers comprehensive professional services to get you going in no time. All at prices that will not break the bank.
Key Benefits of Radix IoT
Outcomes Over Data
Historical, and realtime data to drive actions instead of reports
Remote Management
Monitor, manage, triage in real-time from afar
Unify Your Systems & Devices
One location for curated analytics mining
Prescriptive Analytics
Build with ease your own logic and analytics
Scale Without Boundaries
From one to thousands of locations, and millions of data points
Solutions for Every Industry

We’ve found businesses large and small need the same thing; Up-to-the-minute, accurate, clear and dependable data.

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