More Effectively Manage Your Operations. Better Protect your Bottomline.

Everyday around the globe, our powerful Radix IoT solution is empowering data centers, energy and telecom providers, facilities managers and more to:
  • Identify and triage issues faster
  • More efficiently manage resources and assets
  • Ensure compliance, reduce costs ... and more
Meet Mango – Our Powerful IoT Platform
Simple to deploy and configurable to diverse and evolving needs, Mango is a cloud-native solution that seamlessly unifies all data into one central platform – removing the barriers of monitoring and managing disparate systems and assets across locations.

The results? A single source of truth to help your operations be more efficient and effective.
Focused on Outcomes
Historical, and realtime data to drive actions instead of reports
Easier Remote Management
Monitor, manage, triage in real-time from afar
Unifies Systems & Devices
One location for curated analytics mining
Prescriptive Insights
Build with ease your own logic and analytics
Scale with Ease
From one to thousands of locations, and millions of data points
Delivering Value Across Every Industry

Trusted at over tens of thousands of locations worldwide, our Radix IoT Mango solution provides real-time and actionable data insights to organizations of all types and sizes.

What Makes Radix IoT Different
Radix IoT was designed from the ground-up to meet the challenges of managing critical infrastructures. Flexible to its core, with Radix IoT our end goal is to deliver real-time, actionable data insights needed to more effectively manage your operations – regardless of centralized or distributed locations, if assets are being managed onsite or remotely, or of the number of systems, applications and hardware being used.
Powerful Core Platform
Mango is web-based software that installs on most edge-based hardware or runs in the cloud. Configurable and flexible to meet your unique and evolving needs, Mango is sometimes used instead of a SCADA control system or programmable logic controller. However, its true power is bringing together disparate systems and technologies at different locations into one easy-to-manage, centralized platform that integrates with other core systems such as SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow or nearly any system critical to your operations.
Radix IoT Cloud
Reliability at Scale
With our Radix IoT cloud plus Mango, we have you covered. Unlike legacy DCIM, SCADA, or BMS systems, Radix IoT is designed to leverage existing technology and assets you have in place, enabling simple multi-site management and redundancy for uptime resilience. As a result, you can scale from one location to thousands; and from one data point to tens of millions at any location.
Domain Expertise
Professional Services + Support
Our Mango solution was designed to be easy to deploy and use, and our support team and support resources provide you the guidance as needed. However, if you prefer to tap into our expertise to configure the system or ramp up more quickly, Radix IoT offers comprehensive professional services with vast experience in DCIM, telecommunications, energy, building management, and more – all at prices that will not break the bank.

Mango has become the proverbial bible for our field team, there's definitely a world of difference from what we had before.

- Colin Thatcher, Silulumanzi Water Utility South Africa

Mango brings ease and scalability to DCIM, allowing unprecedented scale that has been either unaffordable or unmanageable with other systems.

- Fred Dirla, Former CEO of FieldView Solutions

We needed to partner with a forward-thinking data storage and analytics solution provider. Mango’s real-time API makes what we do possible. Mango has proven to be a robust, high performance data storage solution.

- Gary Ott, Software Engineer, London Underground

I encourage everybody to take a look at Radix IoT to solve complex multi-site maintainability challenges. They allowed us to quickly deploy a solution to unify what was a mess of different tools, into a single and easy to operate toolset that can be accessed locally, or from our NOC on the other side of the world.

- Compass Datacenters
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