Features of Mango
Real-Time Data Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics
Get up-to-the-minute access to real-time information and alarms, where and when you need it; all configurable and changeable without complex programming.

Create custom reports based on your data to meet your exact needs. Reports can be visually represented in any browser or exported to Excel documents. Additionally, reports can be sent via email automatically on timed intervals or based upon specific events.

Beyond just alarming and reporting, Mango allows you to build watchlists of information, custom dashboards, and even has a sophisticated scripting engine for complex analysis.
Connect to Everything with Built-in Protocols & Open Connectivity
Name the protocol, and chances are we support it. Monitor, manage, and control just about any device or subsystem on the market with no extra drivers, bridges or gateways.

Beyond just connecting to devices, Mango connects to your business with easy integration through a well documented API. Work order management systems, accounting, CRMs; you name it and we can support it.
Web-Based Simplicity
Both easy to install, and easy to maintain whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution or to set it up yourself; Mango removes the complexities of needing different software and skillsets to assemble a full monitoring and management solution globally.
Leading Edge Visualization
Mango offers a flexible drag and drop CX editor to allow you to custom tailor dashboards for specific users, groups, or companies all in HTML and mobile friendly by default. These customer experiences can be completely branded to your application and operate as a web-app to your users or customers.
Edge & Cloud Operation for Resilience
Mango can operate at the edge, in the cloud, or both allowing for unparalleled resilience. The edge can operate as an independent system and backhaul required data to the cloud allowing for monitoring even in the most bandwidth constrained environments. A self-healing history allows cloud to edge synchronization all to occur behind the scenes.
Mango was built as an IoT platform first, meaning security has always been at the forefront. Mango follows oWASP guidelines as its base of design. Additionally, Mango undergoes security audits twice a year to assure independent verification. Your data resides where you install Mango, so you are in control.
And There's Even More...
Customizable to Your Needs

With a powerful analytics engine, customizable alarming and events, and visualization tools, Mango can fit any situation or scale, and is changeable on a moment’s notice, allowing it to adapt to the changes in your business.

Powerful Data Logging & Historian

Beyond just real-time information, Mango's historian allows for insights into problems and trends based on historical performance of equipment allowing you to dig as deep as you like to get clarity on trends in easy to read and understand charts, graphs and reports.

Advanced Schedules

Mango includes a refined scheduling system to allow events to be driven throughout the system based on time, with the ability to compensate for run-time conditions, overrides, and holidays.

No Vendor Lock / Clear Data Ownership

Your data is always yours. Regardless of if you are using the Radix IoT Cloud with Mango or using your own data storage; in the end the data you choose to collect and manage is yours. 

Low Cost Entry

Mango frees you from the complex complexity of pricing, and the typical huge expense of multi-site operations. Radix IoT offers transparent pricing based on the number of sites (not points), and lets you grow without infrastructure expense hurdles. 

Service – The Choice is Yours

Mango offers a self-service ecosystem or can supply turnkey solutions through our professional service group. We also offer affordable service and support plans in addition to comprehensive documentation.

Outstanding Scalability
(without an I.T. staff to build it out)

Beyond Mango just connecting to lots of devices, Mango with its 'Cloud Connect feature' is made to scale in locations. With lots of topologies options, Mango can scale from one to tens of thousands of locations without adding complexity like more servers, complex licensing, or difficult to understand networking rules. 

Comprehensive IoT Toolkit

Unlike many other solutions, Mango with the Radix IoT Cloud includes all of the tools needed to build an IoT solution. No cobbling together other parts or software is needed. Not interested in managing the cloud side on your own? The Radix IoT Cloud service offers a limitless service for cloud storage and hosting that is hassle-free.

Updates Without Complexity

From right within the Mango dashboard, the Mango Module system allows you to update parts of Mango with ease.

Hardware Agnostic

Use Mango on just about any hardware, OS or cloud ecosystem. Radix IoT also offers edge hardware for your convenience should you want it preinstalled.

User Permissions & Groups

Mango sports a powerful user permission system allowing customizable groups and access control. Additionally, Mango supports SSO technologies to integrate with your existing I.T. systems.

Internal Performance Monitoring

Mango has an internal suite of tools for measuring and tuning internal performance and capturing errors which will help you ensure long-term, top performance.

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