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Mango Series 4

Continuing the tradition of Mango and the Radix IoT Platform, series 4 brings a robust new feature set for end-to-end connectivity, rock-solid data collection, massive-scale (in site capabilities, storage, and analytics), all with an unbeatable data visualization engine. Mango Series 4 is perfect for any situation where the global connectivity of IoT devices in real-time is vital to success.

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Complete Monitoring & Management in one package

Mango quickly communicates with all of your building subsystems, legacy solutions, and IoT devices from one to tens of thousands of locations, allowing a single pane of glass view of your portfolio and a single place for analytics. Mango 4 coupled with the Radix IoT Cloud allows you to change and grow your monitoring and remote management footprint on your terms, free of proprietary vendor lock.

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The Radix IoT Platform Benefits

  • Vendor agnostic for data
  • Data collection, storage, visualization, and analytics all in one package
  • Works with your existing systems
  • Ideal for IoT enabling equipment
  • Scales without complexity
  • Simple pricing (not based on points)

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    Radix IoT is an intuitive, flexible, manufacturer-independent platform, that gives customers easy access to their data, regardless of asset origin. Just plug and play for more efficient facility operations, automation, remote monitoring and management and asset organization – no matter where your facilities are located or how fast they grow.

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