Mango 5.1: Taking IoT Scalability To the Next Level

Mango 5 revolutionizes distributed deployment by making scalability intuitive for integrators, contractors, and end-users. From an intuitive new Portfolio Manager allowing deployment of sites in minutes, MQTT, and a completely overhauled method for remote connectivity, Mango 5 brings ease of scale to any mission-critical monitoring deployment.
Intuitive Scale
Mango 5 offers a more streamlined and automated workflow that makes it easier for users to manage large-scale IoT systems.
Setup lots (without lots of time)
Mango 5 allows integrators and end-users to quickly set up a complete global property portfolio, site-level metrics, or device-level data without the need to build dashboards or resort to complex tagging structures. From KPI overviews to site-level historical graphs and maps - anyone is a data expert with the Portfolio Manager. Using the easy drag-and-drop interface, create tabs of information personalized to the individual’s roles and needs, and change them in minutes without touching a line of code.
gRPC in TCP-Publishing
Expanding on the highly popular TCP Publisher, gRPC has been added, allowing events to be run on the edge and in the cloud simultaneously. Even when connectivity to the cloud is lost, the edge will continue scheduled events and logging and resynchronize upon reconnection, adding resilience in environments where cloud connectivity can be unstable or highly constrained. (E.g., remote cellular, LoraWAN, and satellite). gRPC also increases Edge to Cloud security by using mTLS certificates to easily authenticate connections, all set up in the Mango administration panel. Have no fear – the existing TCP Publisher is fully backward compatible.
A Database Made for IoT
A revolutionarily different database designed specifically for the purpose of storing and querying IoT data at scale. This technology benches in at 100x faster in processing most queries compared to traditional database technology and is optimized for handling time-based data critical to most distributed SCADA and BMS solutions. Additionally, this database can handle tens of millions of datapoints both in real-time and historical context. Given Mango is running at the edge and in the cloud, Pi-Mesh easily works with gRPCLink to transfer data and events between locations at exceptionally small sizes reducing traffic, all while assuring constancy in outages. To top this off Pi-Mesh is optimized for Mango data, and long-term storage comes at a fraction of the typical storage space required for traditional database solutions.
Workflow-based Configuration
Based on years of input, the Mango UI has been reimagined to accommodate a more intuitive workflow for commissioning and setup by integrators, contractors, and even end-users. The redesigned workflow allows systems to scale with ease. Whether you are onboarding 100 points or two million points of data, from one location to tens of thousands – the new intuitive design makes deployment and changes over time a snap.
CSV Tools & MQTT
More Standards for Simplicity
Mango 5 has added tools to increase the ability to configure systems through more streamlined and automated processes. Beyond just the JSON store, Mango 5 now supports tooling for CSV importing and exporting. Everything can be done via a CSV from devices, tags, and events. Additionally, as of Mango 5.1, a fully compliant MQTT publisher is included!
Continuing to be the Standard in Scalable Multisite Monitoring
Mango 5 extends all of the features of the beloved Mango 4, including alarming, event management, full HTML (desktop and mobile) compliance, native cloud capability (in any cloud you choose), scaling to tens of thousands of sites, and simple integration to devices across 40+ protocols -- regardless of vendor. Best of all, upgrading is a breeze from version 4.
OpEx Management
Runtime statistics and replacement planning
Operational efficiency reporting
SLA enforcement and monitoring
Operations Management
Energy reporting of portfolio and outlier detection
Realtime fault detection
Preventative maintenance provisioning
Field Engineering
Dispatch requests
Remote diagnostics
Historical runtime analysis
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