Enterprise Hosting & Management
Radix IoT can support lots of models, but the cloud is where you often store everything and is where you or your customers login to access the system. Mango offers the ability to deploy in any cloud, but cloud infrastructure can be complex to manage and setup for those without experience. Radix IoT offers the Radix IoT Cloud to solve these complexities and keep you focused on your business and out of the I.T. hassles.
Setup & Go

No server configuration or setup is required. You get a password, and you are off to the races.

Fully Managed

Fully managed service and network operations and provisioning by Radix IoT, avoiding the need for your resources.

Optional Redundancy

Redundancy options for high availability operations.

You Grow, We Grow

Scalable storage and processing as your business grows; all automatically managed.


Automated backups and custom backup options to meet your needs.

Monitoring & Management

Uptime monitoring from Radix IoT and upgrade management both on the OS and Mango side.

Affordable Solutions

Extremely affordable compared to other managed service options and operationally tuned to Mango.

Built on Security

Server and cloud network security are all managed by Radix IoT.

The Radix IoT Cloud allows any user to create and deploy a data-driven, web-based experience. It provides bi-directional communication with all your environments and subsystems, empowering monitoring and control from afar. Manage thousands of geographically scattered devices securely from one central location, through an intuitive management platform.
Services for Every Industry
We’ve found businesses large and small need the same thing; Up-to-the-minute, accurate, clear and dependable data.

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