Radix IoT for OEMs

For our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers, Radix IoT’s Mango OS offers a fast, easy way to IoT-enable your products, without an expensive software development journey. Radix IoT provides a flexible yet easy to deploy platform solution that IIoT-enables your product, allows you to meet customer expectations for connectivity, analytics, and support. The Mango software becomes part of your product through a private labeling program giving the look and feel your customers and brand desire.
A Typical OEM Design
With Mango as part of your offering, your customers gain real-time and historical insight into all their data, in one place. No matter what technology, equipment, monitoring, or sensors are already on site, or the number of locations in the portfolio, Mango unifies disparate information, analyzes it, stores it, and makes it understandable and useful to improve business outcomes.
What Radix Brings to Your Product
Ease of Deployment

Use your hardware or ours. The Radix IoT team will help you determine the best method of deployment, keeping costs constantly in mind. The Mango core is highly flexible and easily deployed on a range of hardware chipsets and operating systems at the edge.


Mango integrates with any equipment speaking a known industry language, so it’s fully customizable allowing information to be gathered from your product and easily organized and accessed from a cloud solution provided by the Radix IoT Cloud, or something built in-house.

Fully Realized Cloud Solution

Build out your customer-facing experience in our cloud or yours allowing monitoring, management, analytics, and control using any phone, tablet, or computer.

Service Programs

From initial setup to ongoing updates, we’ll be as involved or as hands-off as you need us to be. We offer highly flexible programs to help you get up to speed in no time helping not only lower your capital expense of building an IoT-connected ecosystem but also its long-term maintenance.

Flexible Pricing

A sliding pricing scale allows you to ramp up your product on your terms avoiding common complexities such as point counts, and huge up-front commitments.


Radix IoT offers a highly secure platform with all the parts you need to build out your product–without worrying about complex and cumbersome integration or extra staffing.

Unlock your facility and infrastructure data with Mango 5
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