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Fred Dirla

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years’ experience in various industry leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, Dirla has established and successfully expanded data management and software businesses. A recognized industry thought leader in mission-critical and commercial facility management, automation, engineering and software development, Dirla was previously founder and CEO of the leading DCIM provider, FieldView Solutions, responsible for overall strategy, operations and financial management of the company before it was acquired by Nlyte Software where he served as COO. Previously, he was the COO of Energy Options, Service Manager at Johnson Controls, and General Manager of the Utilities privatization Division of Enron.

Luke Dalske

Chief Operating Officer

Luke Dalske oversees the company’s daily operations, working closely with the executive team to design and implement business operations to promote Radix IoT nationally and globally. Previously as Vice President of BitBox USA Deployment and Integration, Dalske led the monitoring platform’s deployment, integration, monitoring, and maintenance of distributed infrastructure from the core to the edge. A thought leader in data visualization and management with over 17 years’ experience in power monitoring, generator control systems, PLC, and SCADA, Dalske was previously with Schneider Electric’s professional services division where he led sales engineering, data center systems design, and implementation. Prior to that, he served as Senior Project Engineer and Engineer for Banks Integration Group and Syllogistix, respectively.

Mike Skurla


Michael C. Skurla is a co-founder of Radix IoT and helps guide strategies for marketing and sales, and the company’s IoT platform. He has over two decades of experience in control automation and IoT product design with Fortune 500 companies, focusing on the intersection of software and hardware that emphasizes data aggregation and analytics for mission-critical industries. As a well-recognized thought leader and a contributor to such top industry publications as Critical Facilities, Oilman Magazine, IoT Playbook, IoT News, Digitalisation World (UK), LD+A, among others, he is a frequent lecturer on the topic of outcome-based analytics and consolidated data methodologies for building and industrial applications to drive efficiency and alternative business outcomes through data. Michael is a contributing member of ASHRAE, USGBC, and IES Education.

Mads V. Pedersen

Chief Technology Officer

Mads V. Pedersen has an extensive background in software and hardware development spanning decades. Always focusing on delivering efficient solutions, he has worked across diverse fields from science, to traditional software companies, to leading internet businesses, and more. He has a passion for developing and promoting team work while fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and has been managing and motivating teams to develop excellent solutions. A keen interest in developing the processes and products, motivates him to ensure that we can deliver world class tools and products to our customers.

Tom Edwards

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Tom brings a balanced mix of financial services with operational expertise and accounting support. He has spent decades assisting entrepreneurs with planning and executing growth strategies while managing scaling activities and cash flow. Radix IoT benefits from his vast experience as he is able to deploy best practices used by successful, rapid-growth companies. In addition to managing funding and growth, Tom also develops operational business intelligence to enhance company value through revenue growth and improvement and increasing profits via cost reduction and process improvements. Tom’s contributions range from creating / maintaining financial reporting systems for various constituents, preparation of management reports, board room presentations, to various types of audit coordination, strategic planning, support of financial transactions, and much more.

Jason Thacker

Chief Information Officer

As CIO, Jason continues process improvement to scale internal growth while enhancing security awareness and capabilities. In expanding global growth for Radix IoT’s commercial IoT platform, Mango OS, he secures the company’s business continuity readiness resiliency, evaluates resource requirements and supporting strategies while maximizing investments in systems and technologies. His over 23 years of diverse cross-functional technology and business career includes vast experience in driving innovative technology products to market. His work will continue to propel Radix IoT forward, into ongoing global success. Jason previously held the position of Executive Vice President of Strategy where he led our business continuity, program delivery services, product quality, strategic objective planning and governance policies and procedures.

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