The Radix IoT Story
In September 2020, a new company began which promises to disrupt the IoT sector – Radix IoT, offering Limitless Monitoring and Management Rooted in Intelligence was launched. This new organization is the combination of the market’s leading solution for edge monitoring, the Mango IoT Platform, and an award-winning IoT platform for distributed facilities’ operational intelligence.

Radix IoT is a unified IoT platform specifically designed to excel at remote monitoring, process management, and data aggregation intelligence, to enhance multi-site critical facilities customers’ operational process and efficiency. Whether edge data centers, carrier edge/telecommunication infrastructure, utilities, industrial automation, property management – any application where accurate, real-time information is vital – Radix IoT provides a unified look at all the data needed to make informed, data-driven business decisions.

What sets Radix IoT apart in the market is that it can scale from one location to literally thousands of geographically distributed sites, accommodating volumes of equipment and data other solutions simply can’t handle. It’s so flexible that the user does not have to overhaul existing hardware, BMS solutions or sensing technologies – Radix IoT integrates with the systems and technology already existing on site, to bring all that disjointed information together into a single source of intelligence to improve the way customers do business.

Radix IoT is manufacturer independent, industry agnostic, intuitive and useful right out of the box. It gathers data from all the varied systems, organizes it, analyzes it and makes it available to those who need it. This removes the complexity of multiple software systems for remote monitoring and management.

This single source of information helps companies control operating expenses, improve remote facilities management, prevent failures and emergencies, schedule preventive maintenance and optimally organize their distributed assets.

Limitless monitoring and management rooted in intelligence. Radix IoT.

We do our jobs with respect for all and good-natured humor. Hard work, camaraderie and pride in our products and services. With purpose, passion, drive and resilience. Holding each other accountable, lifting each other up and succeeding together. Our team members call many different nations home. We speak several languages natively. We are Radix IoT.

We Celebrate Diversity

We are an international organization with employees across a wide spectrum of ethnic and cultural lines. Our people are based all over the world. We celebrate, respect, honor and appreciate our diversity. We realize diversity is our strength.
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