Simple, competitive, straight-forward pricing allows you to grow at your own pace. Scale up or down, it’s all up to you and your needs. We also make things simple for OEMs, integrators and solution providers, as well as offering a free version of Mango to get you started quickly.
* A Radix IoT account is required to download. It’s free to signup.
Free for Everyone
Free for personal and educational use with a 300 Data Point Restriction

Radix IoT offers Mango OS absolutely free for personal, educational and trial purposes. Take it for a test drive and see what it can do for you. No license needed for this basic version.
This is the full version of Mango, and it requires a paid license.

Mango is based on a core that provides base services that the application uses. From there, its highly modular design makes it possible to customize your instance of Mango to serve your unique needs. So download the Full Download file first, which contains all the standard modules, then add any additional modules you require.
Can the Radix IoT solution help your operations get better results?
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