Reliability, Redundancy, and Scalability for Critical Facilities

The Radix IoT Cloud is a fully managed service offering an affordable, highly available cloud-based destination for real-time data, run-time analytics, reporting, and historical analysis at scale.
Simple Infrastructure at Scale
Whether a Mango instance is running at each location, or data is fed from devices directly, the Radix IoT Cloud offers a scalable cloud solution to run your operations from. From a single redundant Radix IoT Cloud Instance users can commission, control, manage, and monitor portfolios of sites into the tens of thousands from a single location. This centralized approach to multisite operation allows for a vast array of advantages.
High Availability
Backups and monitoring
Security by Radix IoT
Private infrastructure per client
Single Data-Lake
Single organized location for analytics farming
Automatic scaling based on need
Real-time and long term data retention
Centralized Operations
Multi-user/group dashboarding
Global access to all sites
Grouping and segmentation on demand
Consolidated API for data access for third party applications
No matter the application, Radix IoT Cloud offers a hassle-free option for customers who want to manage their own data infrastructure.
Key Benefits of the Radix IoT Cloud
100% Web Based
100% web-based web-app framework, allowing administration and end user access (if desired) on demand globally.
Customizable User Management System
A complete user management system for different and customizable online experiences for various users or groups of users.
HTML5 Based Customer Experience Builder
HTML5 based system enabling complete development and hosting of an interactive web-based representation of analytical outcomes based on the needs of specific users or roles.
Remote Deployment
Comprehensive tools to allow for management and deployment of sites without complexity.
Perscriptive Analytics Engine
A sophisticated, yet easy to manage alarming and event engine allows anyone to set up conditions and create custom-related analytics.
Comprehensive Data Unification
Regardless of changes in brand or technology, the Radix IoT Cloud knows how to organize data from sites into meaningful groupings allowing what was previously complex analytics algorithms to become simple outcomes.
API to Anything
Analytics to work order management, the Radix IoT Cloud offers an easy path to use third-party applications through its easy-to-understand RestAPI.
Clear Data Ownership
It’s your data, you own it. Given our architecture of private clouds for everyone, there is no commingling of data as is common in multi-tenant situations. Want a copy? It's yours.
The Radix IoT Cloud offers the critical infrastructure needed to bring a true monitoring application to life, without an I.T. army to implement.
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