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Mike Skurla comments on public infrastructure in the 2020 Emerging Markets Report for IES LD+A Magazine

January 20th, 2020

Mike Skurla comments for LD+A on the transitioning of lighting into a platform for data infrastructure to enable data services.

Over the past few years, LD+A editors and contributing identified three developments in lighting and infrastructure that appear poised for a major breakthrough. They are “smart” lighting; light and health; and lighting for horticulture. In the report that follows, we offer market statistics on each sector, as well as commentary from product developers, researchers, consultants and others immersed in these markets. Their assessments, as you will see, reflect both optimism and caveat. Put another way, there is no growth without a few growing pains.

Lighting is transitioning into a “platform for data infrastructure”. Read the full article from LD+A here without the need for a subscription.