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Radix IoT Named Winner in Think Global Awards

April 19th, 2023

The Think Global Awards announced the winners of the sixth year of the global awards initiative on April 19, 2023. The awards program recognizes the global success of individuals and organizations, supported by Think Global Forum, an international hub to generate creative, insightful, and inspiring strategic thinking across global topics. 

The awards ceremony occurred virtually again this year and hosted guests from the business and entertainment world. “We have been very impressed with the high level of entries again this year. Well done to all of the winners, and thank you to all of our awards judges,” commented María Roa, Director of Communications at Think Global Awards.

The Think Global Awards are proudly supported by Think Global Forum, VistaTalks, VTQ Magazine, All Things Global, X Cultural, and Vistatec.

“I would like to thank everyone who has entered year six of the awards and congratulate all the winners,” added Simon Hodgkins, Founder of Think Global Forum and Think Global Awards.

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