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Radix IoT Releases Major Mango Platform Update Simplifying IoT Integration for OEMs

July 20th, 2021

Mango Series 4 Allows OEMs to Seamlessly IoT-Enable their Products

Dallas, TX— July 20, 2021 – Radix IoT today announces the public release of its Mango Series 4 platform. This major upgrade positions Mango Series 4 as the most reliable IoT platform on the market offering a huge leap in usability, scalability, and security features over its Spring 2021 pre-release to key customers. With its ground-breaking capacity and analytical proficiency for large-scale institutional users, Mango Series 4 is the market’s most comprehensive platform facilitating OEMs and their customers’ proactive asset management and remote monitoring of commissioned equipment, transforming all types of technology into IoT-compatible infrastructure at a global scale.

“Field tested and deployed globally by multinational large-scale enterprises, Mango Series 4 is a proven, reliable, and robust IoT platform for rapid deployment and a world class experience. Feature-equipped and simple-to-operate, it supports large scale IoT deployments and equipment manufacturers wishing to IoT-enable their products,” said Michael Skurla, Chief Product Officer at Radix IoT. “The robust end-to-end connectivity, rock-solid distributed data collection capabilities, massive scale data storage, and unbeatable data visualization engine of Mango Series 4 offers an open connectivity philosophy, without limiting end-users to vendor-specific technology choices.”

Mango, coupled with the Radix IoT platform, is the market’s most comprehensive set of tools for creating an inclusive IoT solution. Mango seamlessly allows any product to be network-enabled into a global ecosystem at the device level and build the desired customer or company-facing solution in the cloud.

“The vision for Mango Series 4 started prior to the merger of Infinite Automation Systems (IAS) and Radix IoT almost a year ago. The combined forces allowed for rapid innovation and development that enabled Mango to reach a larger application base, while also accelerating the speed to market of new features–we’re excited to be releasing Mango Series 4 to our general user-base,” said Joel Haggar, Chief Strategy Officer at Radix IoT.

The Radix IoT platform enables seamless connectivity for technology of all types, shapes, and sizes–from HVAC components to solar equipment, agriculture products, factory/industrial automation equipment, water management products and smart building enablement devices. Enterprises can streamline IoT deployment without having on-site, or specialized staff to build out a cloud ecosystem. Bi-directional communications, between the cloud and Mango Series 4, unify telemetry data from disjointed systems and equipment to drive analytics, AI, or ML engines while also allowing for remote diagnostics and control.

The Radix IoT Mango Series 4 platform flexibility allows OEMs to private label their customer-facing solution with unique features that include:

  • Backend Scaling–supports tens of thousands of locations with distributed architecture allowing for management at scale with unprecedented speed and ease with options to use the Radix IoT Cloud for data storage, or end-users’ infrastructure/cloud service. Robustly tested at high scales, Mango has proven reliability across millions of data points.

  • Enterprise Administrative Experience–a completely redesigned administration section offers a web-based application that is fast and mobile friendly, with a redesigned workflow to manage any size systems with unprecedented speed and ease.

  • Security Enhancements–enterprises can adhere to a wide range of corporate IT standards and demands–with LDAP and SSO integration.

  • OEM Focused Integration–allowing integration with a range of OS and processors enables a comprehensive OEM package deployment without massive rework of products.

  • Analytics Driven API–completely new robust API allows for easier integration with third-party analytics, AI, or customer applications.

  • New User Permission and Role Structure–with system inheritance and logical expressions, the user management system meets the needs of large enterprises launching customer-facing applications with private logins.

  • Frontend Scaling–a completely new UI system, with rapid speed and hyper-responsiveness supports large installations with unprecedented number of concurrent logins, cost-effectively.


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