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Radix IoT, Techstream Systems Form Strategic Partnership Expanding IoT Smart Buildings Automation Solutions Across APAC

March 3rd, 2022

DALLAS, TX, USA, March 3, 2022 / -- The strategic partnership announced today between Radix IoT and Australia-based Techstream Systems Pty, Ltd., providers of innovative buildings technologies and services, will expand Radix IoT’s Mango OS unified IoT platform across the APAC region. Integrating Mango with its wholistic buildings automation solution offerings, Techstream supports building owners’ sustainability compliance with Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star Rating and the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS), meant to reverse nearly a quarter of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and over half of the electricity consumption by commercial buildings. 

“To help building owners to achieve and maintain the designed Green Star Rating, we searched for an easy-to-engineer and easy-to-use solution to provide real-time metering and reporting of energy consumption to complement and enhance existing and new building management systems. After testing many solutions, I can confidently say that Radix IoT’s Mango is the best available solution in the market,” says Victor Wang, Founder of Techstream Systems Pty Ltd who, as a former Application Engineer for Johnson Controls for 20 years in Australia, used Mango. “Mango’s flexibility, open-web technology and interoperability with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms makes it a powerful solution that allows users to create bespoke solutions should requirements arise.”

As a complementary solution to Techstream’s offerings, Mango’s advanced alarming and integrated tools offer trending analytics through a web interface, providing deep data visibility and insight to assist Green Star ratings verifications. Mango’s custom reports harness and organize data required to facilitate compliance reporting. One of its supported formats is Microsoft Excel documents, which can either be produced on-demand or scheduled and attached via email based on specific events. Using Mango’s cost-competitive, open, flexible, state-of-the-art, web-based solution, Techstream’s skilled developers can work with stakeholders to produce customized reports to identify building optimization potentials to reduce operating expenses and to prepare ESG reports for portfolios of buildings. Mango solution can be scaled to work on any size projects.

“Our partnership with Techstream Systems allows Radix IoT to expand distribution, design services and customer support into APAC. Techstream is a world class operation that is able to not only deploy solutions with Mango but have proven themselves as strong advocates of our platform and its unique capabilities across verticals,” said Michael Skurla, Chief Product Officer at Radix IoT, LLC.

With APAC region’s manufacturing boom, Techstream is tapping into such manufacturing hubs as Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, which now require LEED certification and responsible sourcing for all their factories. Additionally, Techstream plans to expand into the Gulf States where a sustainable buildings surge requires smart buildings automation solutions. 

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About Techstream Systems
Techstream Systems is a provider of cutting-edge building technologies and services for companies of all sizes and a proudly Australian-owned company with the independence to source and develop solutions that deliver smart, innovative services for facility managers and property owners. With over 100 years of industry experience, the team offers portfolios of services and products, including BMS and EMS, across the globe in some of the world’s largest Building Technologies companies. With a wholistic view of a solution, ensuring customer outcomes are delivered, Techstream Systems takes a hands-on approach to projects in terms of system selection, performance specification, supplier review and selection, project management, installation, commissioning, documentation and smooth handover that meet both client expectations and high standards of excellence. For more information, visit

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