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Radix IoT, Vangard Projects Announce Strategic Partnership, Expanding Telemetry Systems Remote Monitoring, Control Capabilities Across Africa

February 15th, 2022

Dallas, TX–February 15, 2022–Radix IoT and South Africa-based Vangard Projects Ltd, turnkey process control and data acquisition solutions providers, today announced a partnership which will expand Radix IoT Mango OS unified IoT platform availability across Africa. As sales, service, and integration solution partner in Africa, Vangard Projects will integrate Mango OS as part of its monitoring and control services allowing clients to harness disjointed data from across all their connected systems into one cohesive source for actionable analytics, automation, predictive maintenance, and operational improvement with unlimited scalability.

Vangard Projects’ nearly 30-years of pioneering solution-driven innovation is well established in Africa and is instrumental in its agility to design and support solutions for seamless integration of Mango OS with their existing remote monitoring and operations for critical facilities and industries,” said Michael Skurla, Chief Product Officer at Radix IoT. “In expanding our joint offering across Africa, Vangard Projects can now offer the market’s unmatched unifying IoT platform for remote operations and monitoring of such critical facilities as water utility, waste management and mining industries.” 

 Vangard is currently working at developing Mango software in conjunction with MIRI Technologies Africa. 

 An example of Vangard’s successes includes helping to address South Africa’s current water stressed environment for which water conservation is an urgent priority. Vangard Projects has successfully integrated Mango OS into its water telemetry services for Silulumanzi–Nelspruit–subsidiary of South African Water Works (SAWW)–utility company that delivers 120 million liters of safe drinking water daily to nearly 400,000 people. With Mango OS, the utility company monitors over 80 telemetry stations and seven SCADA systems for the Nelspruit and surrounding areas water reticulation system. With end-to-end connectivity, data collection, massive scale site capabilities, storage, analytics, data visualization engine, and real-time connectivity of IoT devices, Silulumanzi utility company uses the critical data to schedule and automate pumping routines for most efficient water use and conservancy. 

 Unlike other products requiring additional fees and licenses for frequent updates, Mango’s development and engineering updates accrue no additional fees for end-users. Its interoperability and open-source platform allow for seamless integration into all Vangard Projects’ existing systems since Mango adapts to nearly all third-party software and protocols. From small farmers with a reservoir water monitoring system needing to pay for scalable datapoints, to mining industry clients monitoring water in the mines for safety measures in determining chemicals in groundwater and stockpiles for water distribution, Mango remains a viable solution for cost-effective, scalable asset management as well as remote monitoring and operation.

 “True to our commitment to supply solutions based on easy-to-use and commercially available hardware and software products, our partnership with Radix IoT has given us a competitive edge in the African market. Our clients using Mango’s open-source programming that’s free of vendor-lock, gain reduced development time and real-life visual graphic interface for digitized asset management capability. This allows us to provide a cost-effective price-point for the best of the latest products and top solution not previously available in our market,” said Reynder van den Bank, Managing Director of Vangard Projects. “There are no surprises with Mango. We haven’t had anyone tell us they have a better system than Mango because it's just not out there–or no one is selling it.”

 Mango’s viability for Vangard Projects’ water and mining industry clients eliminates the high cost of SCADA licenses, providing instead a reliable, unlimited scalability and remote monitoring capability that is interoperable with all existing systems, reporting and functionality–with access and ability to make changes, call queries, and to source support. Mango’s unlimited scaling, from one to tens of thousands of locations allows monitoring and operations of an entire portfolio via a single pane of glass. Coupled with Radix IoT Cloud, end-users can change and grow monitoring and remote management footprint on their own terms and free of proprietary vendor lock.

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Founded in 1999 by Dirk van der Vorst, in his home garage in Sunward Park Boksburg, South Africa, Vangard Projects has since become a multi-disciplined company that specializes in providing complete solutions in the electrical (MV & LV), MCC manufacturing, protection, process control and data acquisition fields. The company prides itself on employing only the highest quality staff throughout all levels of the organization. The results speak for themselves, having assembled a team of professionals, experienced in all facets of customers’ requirements. 

 The product and service philosophy of Vangard Projects is simple–supplying solutions-based and easy to use, commercially available hardware and software products. Committed to growth, based on product sourcing, research, and innovation, the company lives by a simple code "We do what we say”. For more information visit,


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