Data Center Infrastructure Management

Whether you manage one data center or multiple, whether your portfolio is very small or very large, Radix IoT’s DCIM Platform can monitor all your equipment, sensors, and devices, gather, and normalize your data into one place while improving operations and reducing expenses. Radix IoT for Data Centers works with retail, wholesale, or enterprise data centers’ existing technology to make sense of the current information and improve productivity.
Key Benefits of Radix IoT DCIM
Real-time Aware
Know when there is a problem to address the moment it happens. Take charge of using all of your equipment data to continuously improve operational efficiency.
Multisite Simplicity
Don’t be fooled by complex custom DCIM systems that claim to be easy to deploy globally at scale. Radix IoT provides the only DCIM Application package that is proven and tested to work at 26,000 locations.
Budget Friendly
Radix IoT offers flexible pricing models that eliminate the common cost traps of other DCIM Solutions in the market. From design to setup and operation - Radix IoT has the modern solution that is nearly half the price of competitors.
Connect With Systems You Have
Your business has more than one software, so your DCIM Platform should easily play nice with all others. Radix IoT offers an OpenAPI-compliant API allowing robust (yet secure) information exchange with all your other, existing applications.
Massive to Mini
From hyper-scale to edge (and everything in between), Radix IoT has the DCIM Platform to make your operations, management, and maintenance a breeze.
No Rip-and-Replace Needed
Radix IoT works with what you already have allowing any Data Center Facility Manager to consolidate their operational view without a costly rip-and-replace philosophy. Zero vendor lock, ever with Radix IoT.
Solving What Matters Through Data
Minimize energy spending while maximizing uptime performance by allowing for the identification and triage of problems across your entire global portfolio of facilities.
From one location to thousands, Radix IoT has the DCIM solution to organize and unlock all of your critical operational data.
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