Telecommunications Infrastructure

Telecommunications infrastructure has a unique set of requirements that blend those of commercial property and I.T., with a massive demand for uptime assurance in environments that are both remote and unstaffed. From Full tower to ODAS to ISAS solutions, these locations contain numerous subsystems, often each with its own monitoring platform, and can number in the thousands and cross state and country borders. Mango integrates with the systems already on site, gathering the information into one cohesive source enabling analytics, automation, predictive maintenance and operational improvement. Managers can triage issues from afar and make service calls more effective, as well as avoiding problems before they occur.
A Typical Design
Key Benefits for Telecom
Simple Deployment
Radix IoT using Mango OS allows critical infrastructure portfolio managers to deploy a single Radix IoT Edge Appliance at each location rapidly. The Radix IoT Edge engine allows simple connectivity of existing or new on-premises subsystems and sensing devices with configuration in the cloud for complete monitoring and management of the full portfolio from a single cloud dashboard.
Monitor Everything Remotely
Monitor and manage all your critical systems, regardless of subsystem, software, equipment manufacturer, number of sites in the portfolio, or geographic location – remotely. With Mango’s single monitoring and management platform, your data is collected, analyzed, organized and available. It even integrates with third-party analytics tools through a RestAPI.
Reactive to Proactive Maintenance
With all the data now at your fingertips, diagnose and prioritize site problems, and preemptively mitigate them before they even become issues. Diagnose problems remotely, and triage critical service work to better prioritize and boost efficiency of service calls. Track efficiency outliers from the portfolio to identify and quantify upgrade cycles.
Whether in one location or thousands, Mango OS scalability is just about limitless when it comes to monitoring multiple sites and systems.
Increase Reliability & Control Expenses
Fewer surprises, greater efficiency, heading off problems before they appear, and up-to-the-minute data all contribute to greater reliability over the life of your portfolio. Control operating expenses and reduce energy spend by tracking and comparing real-time and historical site data to reduce inefficiencies and identify out-of-tolerance equipment.
Outcomes for Every Department
Collected, analyzed, actionable data benefits a variety of departments and stakeholders within your organization, (and your customers) not just the facilities management team. See how refined data can make jobs easier and improve business decisions and outcomes across the board.
Network Operations Center
Trouble detection
Surveillance camera views
Service ticketing
Remote diagnostics
Facility Management
Generator fuel / maintenance status
Beacon light status
Remote access control and monitoring
Operations Management
Energy reporting of portfolio and outlier detection
Downtime reporting
Upgrade provisioning
From analytics to remote facility monitoring and automation, Radix IoT users have access to an intuitive, out-of-the-box flexible platform that turns disjointed data into business solutions.
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