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Mango Empowers Remote Monitoring Access


Timber drying is a slow but exacting process. Several variables must be constantly measured and tracked to get the results desired. The system needs to be fully automated, yet flexible enough for easy human interaction.

“We use Mango for creating future dated graphs which Mango uses to send data to PID controllers which switch on the devices used in the system. And we use Mango graphical views and virtual points for generating graphs based on their SQL ID, and scripting data sources to generate needed values from Alphanumeric points, which we use in the graphical views as input boxes.”

Timber is dried in kilns. In order to achieve success, a collection of variables must be constantly monitored and controlled in each kiln. These variables include time, air relative humidity, temperature and lumber moisture, which is measured continuously. Mango was introduced to this system to monitor these values, and control things like fan speeds and direction, actuators, and changes in setpoints over time which control temperature in the chambers.


All the data from the drying process is sent to a central server along with the drying logs and reports. In addition to controlling the automated drying process, Mango also allows the user to switch to manual control if need be, or add their own “recipes” for drying which the system will then follow.

The system was built in multiple stages, and can keep expanding, thanks to Mango’s scalability, into more drying kilns if required. For remote control, the customer uses a VPN for accessing the on-site system for a quick overview of the process at any time, from virtually anywhere.

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