Case Studies / Water Authority
Mango Enables Rural Water Authority with Information Accessibility


A midwestern water authority needed to provide access to real‐time SCADA information to both internal stakeholders and the individual municipalities that use the water along a 60-mile distribution path, including five cities and surrounding communities across northern Arkansas.

At first, they upgraded their plant automation systems and installed a Schneider Electric software application to handle day‐to‐day operations at the plant and monitor the distribution network. However, they found this Windows-based application to be very cumbersome at providing outside access to monitor information.

The water department distribution manager had access to the SCADA information through the Schneider software, but this access was limited to one laptop and was only useful when the computer was able to access the internet through a cell modem or other WIFI spot. They needed easier remote access to their data, from anywhere, so the customer was looking for a platform-independent solution when they discovered Mango OS and Mango Hardware, which enabled them to quickly, easily, and on almost any platform, access the information they needed to do their jobs

Why Choose Mango?
"Getting started with (Mango) was pretty straight forward. In one afternoon we had it loaded on a Linux box and were interacting with our in-house building automation PLCs. It was even easier with the Mango hardware product in that they come pre‐loaded. Pretty much just plug them in and take off. (The Mango team have) been great to work with. They always seem available and willing to help in any way. And with every release, the software is getting more robust and easier to use and maintain."
- Tom Pedersen of Multi-Craft Contractors

Favorite Features

The Mango system brings tremendous value to this customer because it is an affordable yet very powerful application that supplies critical real‐time information via browser, emails, texts, etc. to the plant operators and individuals along the distribution path.

The customer uses the event detectors to send alarms via email or as text messages. They also have an in-house system that translates the emails into voice which calls an answering service after hours. One of the most useful things, according to the customer, has been the fact that Mango is browser based so it is very easy for users to access the information, from virtually anywhere. Another is the flexibility of the event detectors to notify the right people of pertinent information.

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