Energy / Renewables

As we turn more and more to sources of renewable energy, and its infrastructure grows and becomes more complex, the ability to capture and use data from various sources, which can number in the tens of thousands, most of which are literally out in a field, becomes increasingly vital. This process can no longer be accomplished manually – it must be automated. With Mango OS, data from far flung sources is captured and analyzed, and real-time business insight is gained – all remotely – to help mitigate risk, boost uptime, improve cost efficiency and operational continuity. Mango can also scale quickly to accommodate rapid change.
A Typical Design
Key Benefits for Energy / Renewables
Remote Monitoring & Triage
With Mango, potential problems can be identified from a central command location, and triaged according to severity, neutralizing issues before they become disasters or turn into downtime. This capability also makes maintenance and site visits more efficient and cost effective, since the technician is aware of the problem before they arrive, and can bring the proper supplies to correct an issue on the first trip.
Real-Time & Historic Information
Real-time, specific data from sites alert the proper personnel promptly of issues to be addressed immediately, while historic information can be analyzed to discover trends for long-term improvement. This long view also helps inform managers of evolving needs over time, so they can prepare using Mango’s flexibility and scalability.
Data From Everything
Mango’s compatibility with virtually any piece of equipment speaking a known industry language means that it can interoperate with assets already in place – solar panels, battery storage devices, sensors, meteorological equipment, transformers, grids and more – and turn that collected, normalized data into actionable intelligence, presented in custom dashboards and reports for individual stakeholders.
Mangement Capabilities
Mango enables staff to access, manage and control their sites from afar, without the need for constant on-site presence. Operators can compare expected production to actual results for further analysis and efficiency improvement.
Outcomes for Every Department
Collected, analyzed, actionable data benefits a variety of departments and stakeholders within your organization, (and your customers) not just the facilities management team. See how refined data can make jobs easier and improve business decisions and outcomes across the board.
Field Service
Remote triage
Failure avoidance
Predictive maintenance
Site visit planning
Operations Center
Weather information
Expected vs. actual production
Outlier detection
Facility Management
Real-time alerting
Historic information for long-term improvement
Ease of scaling and growth
From analytics to remote facility monitoring and automation, Radix IoT users have access to an intuitive, out-of-the-box flexible platform that turns disjointed data into business solutions.
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