Case Studies / Utility Scale Solar
A tailored version of Mango enables management and monitoring of solar assets.


Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG), design, engineering, and DAS/SCADA hardware providers for utility scale solar developers, needed a software partner to launch its REvolution IoT Software Platform. REvolution IoT is part of REnergyWare DAS/SCADA monitoring, management software, and RESource™ digital operations and maintenance services for asset management, production insights, reporting, and alerting.

“After months of software evaluations, REIG selected to partner with Radix IoT to develop REvolution IoT™– a tailored version of Radix IoT’s Mango platform– to deliver critical dashboards and reports to our existing client base, while tapping the growing small to medium solar PV market nationwide.”

Rene Robaina, COO, REIG


REnergyWare, REIG’s new division for providing packaged hardware assemblies, DAS/SCADA monitoring and control, includes a tailored version of Radix IoT’s Mango platform. Together, along with RESource digital operations and maintenance (O&M) services, the solutions provide remote monitoring and management of solar assets and networked systems to reduce operational costs, maximize return on investment, and improve efficiencies for mid-to-large-scale solar PV industry customers.

REnergyWare’s turn-key monitoring portal for utility scale solar installations combines the Radix IoT platform and software development expertise with REIG’s PV industry hardware expertise. REnergyWare meets the PV industry’s critical need for a comprehensive software platform for asset management, production insights, customized reporting, and alerting, coupled with a digital operations and maintenance service.


Radix IoT and REIG provide customers with real-time and historical analytics, empowering unparalleled monitoring and management of solar installations at scale. The partnership enables up-to-the-minute remote management of installations to ensure uptime and allow for continuous operational criteria to be met at scale.

If an alarm is triggered, REnergyWare engineers can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot the problem and decide if it’s necessary to dispatch field technicians to the site, and if the truck roll is needed, the technician will be aware of what tools and/or parts are required to fix the issue correctly on the first trip, controlling operation and service costs.

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